• Angelyno



  • Jogi @recentering

    Jogi @recentering

    Data Scientist. Meditator. Entrepreneur. In Search of the Goal. Available at: jogi[dot]recentering[at]gmail

  • Urwa Muaz

    Urwa Muaz

    Computer Vision Practitioner |Data Science Graduate, NYU | Interested in Robust Deep Learning

  • Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    I love to tell stories. My stories cover issues in digital economy, content creation and sometimes, data science.

  • Caelan Dwyer

    Caelan Dwyer

    MSc Data Analytics Student, with a background in economics and finance.

  • Evan Hundhausen

    Evan Hundhausen

    Creative Rebel — Promethean Fictive — Buy his short story stories at www.amazon.com/dp/B01ACPW74O

  • Eliya Stein

    Eliya Stein

    Technology, Security, and Blockchain Enthusiast. Security Engineering & Research @ Confiant.

  • Alex Duncan

    Alex Duncan

    Human, AWS/DevOps Expert, Writer, Reader, Researcher, Traveler…

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